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::3.2.05:: Disturbing

Tonight I got a text message from a guy I know. I don't know him all that well. We've gone out a few times but he's a player and into some weird shit so I don't know how to take this.

The message said: I want to hurt myself.

I tried to text him back but got a message saying the number doesn't exist. Not that it was disconnected or out of operation, but that it doesn't exist.

I don't know what it means and it has really been freaking me out. It could be part of some kinky game and sent to me by mistake (he has sent me text messages intended for other girls before, that young scamp) but then surely he would have said I want to hurt you or I want you to hurt me. And it doesn't explain the number not existing.

This is really freaking me out. I feel like I should do something but don't know what. As I said, I don't know him that well. I only have a mobile number and an email address. He's not the kind of person to play games (well, sexually, yes but emotionally, no).

Now it's 3 o'clock in the morning and I'm sitting at home listening to the wind and rain and wondering if he's ok.



it doesn't sound good to me. But perhaps it was a text virus that has attched to his number etc tec like worms that send stuff to your whole address book?

Perhaps send him an email asking what that was about?
Better to clear the air then stress yourself about it.




It sounds concerning, but on the other hand, yeah - it could be some sort of malicious viral prank. A friend of mine got an SMS on New Year's Day saying 'please send us your best wishes since our baby boy died this morning, and we are all grieving'. The SMS came from a number that (apparently) didn't exist, and she didn't know anyone who's had a baby recently.


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