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::1.2.05:: Huh?

There's an ad on telly at the moment, perhaps you've seen it, for some kind of weight loss product. It consists of people declaring they will do things - I will exercise more, I will cut out desserts or whatever. All well and good. Until the woman who proudly declares: I will give up roast pumpkin.


Roast Pumpkin. How much roast pumpkin does she eat to make it such a problem in her life? And, hello, you don't have to roast it in an inch of lard. How about some spray oil or putting the pumpkin chunks in a plastic bag with a teaspoon or so of oil then shaking to coat them? It even tastes better that way.

But I have a new aim. Give up the roast pumpkin. Still eat the chocolate and the dim sims, but give up the roast pumpkin.



I saw that too and had the same reaction. The second thought was how much roast pumpkin is this person eating that giving it up is going to make a difference?



yeah, the one that said she was giving up champagne was bad enough. i mean champagne is pretty light on when it comes to alcohol...diet wise anyway. if she was giving up beer or jack & coke then it would be more realistic.

maybe the ads were created by some anorexic advertising chick who doesn't realise you can eat more than carrot sticks.



Wow! Weight-loss - the perfect excuse to give up on foods that you never wanted to take up in the first place.

"Broad beans?""No thanks, I'm trying to cut down."
"Broccoli?" "Sorry, I'm on a diet."
"Cauliflower?" "No, I'm trying to slim, pass the chocky cake please."



I WILL give up my nightly hot cup of bacon fat!


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