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::2.2.05:: Life

As requested by Desci, here's an update on the living situation: NOTHING. Nothing is happening. I feel like my life is in a holding pattern at the moment. Andrew hasn't started house hunting. Every time I ask him, he says he is going to organise something soon.

I've put off flat hunting cos I'm waiting for him to move out. Btw. mini quiz - St Kilda or Newport? St Kilda is cooler - which is good and bad: good for cafes, bad for wank factor. Newport is cheaper. And on 2 train lines.

Work is deadly dull.

There are some things that could be happening, writing-wise, but are not really happening at the moment.

It's all waiting around at the moment and I'm the most impatient person in the world.



Personally, I'd go the cheaper option. Newport isn't too far from anywhere else, and if it's cheaper, you can afford to go out more often.



I think the money will be the deciding factor although you can get much nice flats around St Kilda (for the right price, unfortunately).



Newport also has a plethora of bus routes and other interesting places to go. An earshot from the culture and newly gentrified Yarraville.

If you go west, beware. You might like it too much.



lol.. i don't think Newport is any further West than Footscray. Yarravillage is too full of retired St Kilda yupppies for me. Man, I hate the way the Yarravillagers drive their 4wds around those narrow little Yarraville roads and not let you through.



Come to Newport. We'll be neighbours. I could give you the shed in my backyard. It's full of spiders. They drop down on you. But just to say hello.

And no, this is not R.H.

Or is it?



If the rent's cheap enough, I don't mind the spiders.



I say go to the other side of the river, to the o so cool fitzroy/carlton bits. Coz I'm stuck in dePreston and I need someone to live through. sigh.



If only I could afford Carlton or Fitzroy!


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