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::28.2.05:: My son is a man now...

it is a fact written in cake.

Yet he is still living at home. Why?

I haven't updated in a while but nothing has changed - no job, no man, no life.




I can read between the lines - you cut the cake in half and you ate half and he ate half - am I right or am I right?



How long have you been apart from your son's father? I would suggest that your son has been a 'man'long before his 18th birthday - and another thing how can someone as gorgeous as you have an 18 year old son? eh magic?



I know. In that pic of her on the other site, she's a total MILF. hee!



Why thank you, I am blushing from the compliments.

I only had half a slice of cake plus some pickings the next day, which was damn strong of me cos it was an extra yummy Baci cake.



Baci cake, pls tell where you bought that from! or did you make it with your jazzy hands?



Of course there was no cake made by these jazzy hands. I can't remember the last time I made a cake.

Myer food hall is the place to go.

Btw that place rocks. I'd never been there until recently. Sad, I know. They have much good stuff and some very cute cupcakes which I avoided with my will of iron.


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