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::5.2.05:: Nice One

Those I WILL boost my diet ads got me wondering, so yesterday when I popped into the chemist to get a script filled I asked about them.

These tablets work by preventing your body from absorbing fat. Sounds good, huh? Only drawback is that the fat has to go somewhere and this, my friend, is politely referred to as "leakage".

At $75 for two weeks worth, I'd rather just not eat the fat in the first place.



Oh my God that's gross. Imagine the accidents? The anguish? The humiliation? I don't want to take 'em, but it might be fun if someone I didn't like did.... :)



Seriously. Is that what the chemist called it? Leakage? You have to be kidding! I'd have laughed in their face. What a way to put it!!



hehe - my mum's from that era of diet pills, laxatives, crash diets and smoking to stay thin and only just last year or so she tried the 'new' diet pill. the I WILL ones. and it's a pretty unpredicable pill by what was happening to her. yah. leakage only begins to discribe it. i wouldn't touch the pills even if you paid me. ewwww.

B! @ beeep.net



oh how gross $75.00 to sit on a toilet



$75 for 2 weeks!!! that will pay for 1 months gym membership and 4 personal trainer sessions - there is no easy answer you have to eat like a bird and exercise your brains out - then to keep it off you have to keep your cheat days to 1 a fortnight and attend the gym very regularly - no slacking off if you finish work late, etc etc - you have to make a permanent lifestyle change - or just get lypo!



I'm not going to take them, that's for sure. I've since found out you also end up with an orange stained toilet bowl...ewwww.



Ah, xenical. Went on it about 4 years ago, lost 30 kilos. Never had the... leakage, coz i was too scared to 'cheat'.



was it possibly the not 'cheating' that lost you the 30kgs and not the diet pills?

B! @ beeep.net



hee! entirely poss. :P


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