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::15.2.05:: Proof

On the weekend, I went to Midsumma carnival with my friends and we rejoined JOY Melbourne. As part of their Midsumma promotion they had a lucky dip from which I won a t-shirt and they both won CDs. In the drunken debauchery that ensued, I ended up with the bag that had their CDs in it.

So, the reason I'm posting this is that if anything happens to me between now and when I return their CDs tomorrow night, there is some proof that the CDs AREN'T MINE.

I have been having anxiety attacks that my house will burn down or I will crash my car on the way to return them and you can bet your hot patooti that the only thing to survive will be the Danni and Brittany Spears CDs. Hell, I feel dirty just having them in my house. And I can just see the newspaper headlines - above the photo of me: GIRL IN ICKY INCIDENT FOUND WITH DANNI AND BRITTANY CDS. You would almost hope the accident was fatal.

So if I do come to an untimely demise before tomorrow night, pretty please with a cherry on top, let the world know the CDs aren't mine.



Maybe your friends left you their Danii and Britney CDs on purpose


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