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::5.2.05:: Swimming in a Sea of Despair

If I must exercise then I've got to swim. It's about the only physical activity I enjoy. Trouble is my bathers - you've seen balloon that have been deflated? All puckered up and unattractive? That's what they look like. The top of my tankini hangs down around my knees.

So being the girl of little means that I am at the moment, I waited to get some new togs cheap at the end of summer sales. Smart thinking, you might say. Except for one teensy problemo.

In every shop in town I have two choices - size 8 or size 24. All the in between, womanly curve type sizes are gone. So this is the deal - I either have to gain a helluva lot of weight or lose a lot. Sure I could go to one of those year round swimwear stores but then I'd miss out on the bargains.

Gaining weight is so much easier but could end up being a false economy considering I'd have to buy extra food and all that. Maybe a good dose of anorexia could do the trick.



Or you could buy the large size one and take it in bit. Worth a try if the cossie is really really cheap.


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