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::3.2.05:: Things

The dude from last night's weird text message is online. I sent him an email asking what the hell it was all about but he hasn't answered. I think I need to do some freak-pruning from my life.

You know, I don't really like to bitch about work online, it can lead to all kinds of trouble, but at the moment I don't really care. I've been working at this company for a couple of weeks now and have nothing to do. Nothing. I'm lucky if they give me a few hours to do each day. So today I got back from lunch and was checking my email when one of the women asked me if I had anything to do. I told her I didn't, thinking she has some work for me. But no, she gave me a lecture about how when she was a temp, if there was no work to do, she went home otherwise you are just ripping off the company you're working for and other shit about how I should tell people I have no work.

I told her that I constantly told people I had no work to do and that my supervisor keeps sending around emails asking for work. I also told her that I had to do some training that afternoon so I couldn't go home. What I should have told her was that it was none of her business and to shut the fuck up.

What is with that? I am going mentally insane sitting around doing nothing without that kind of shit being added to it.

I did get some excitement today though. After the training, I can do data entry work. Woohoo.

Oh and the other shitty thing. The training was on this Access database they have just had developed by an outside contractor. Thing is, the database is shit. I don't get it. Why aren't I the database developer? I could do create a better database in 2 days with a hangover. Have these people not heard of normalisation? They don't even have autonumber keys on records (even though it is just a plain sequential key).

The whole thing is driving me insane. I need to get out.



Tell the silly bitch to nake herself a nice cup of shut the fuck up - why do these people continue to have jobs?


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