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::10.2.05:: Titbits

I've lost 4 kgs - woohoo - and all done without leakage. Well a slight case of crook guts did help but most of it was pure healthy eating and exercise. I'm starting to like exercise - what's going on here?

Seriously though, I need to find a new job. This one is driving me insane. I tell people that but they don't take me literally. Trust me, this is no exageration. It is driving me insane. Today they were stocking up on beer for a launch tomorrow night and I was considering sneaking off and getting pissed. Hey, if I got caught and lost my job it would only be a bonus.



Congrats on four kilos down the S-bend!

My mum did one of those 10-day detox things and she put on two kilos. How much does that suck?



Yeah, good onya for the weight loss. Be aware of just how much you lose through having a dodgy stomach though. I once had a stomach flu for a week. When I was better I went shopping and bought a pair of trousers - which fit me for exactly two weeks.



Hey, congrats on loosing the weight, I've only lost 1 so far... Haven't been as disciplined with the gym attendance as I planned. Plus I like chocolate. :D



Thanks guys. I'm not even trying to not eat chocolate at the moment, I just don't feel like it. It is a weird feeling that I don't rightly understand.


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