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::2.2.05:: Work Dilemmas

A while back I wrote about my anxieties over how long you need to be a work before you can take a break. Well, today I want to discuss another personal dilemma that probably no one in the world even thinks about except me. This isn't even something you'd think about unless you are a temp or starting a new job.

Coffee mugs.

Ok, first day and you are getting the tour. It's coffee time. You open the coffee mug cupboard then it hits you. Maybe you will accidentally use someone's personal mug that they left in the kitchen. Their special funky, humorous mug that they bought in from home or were given in the office Kris Kringle. Then you get that uncomfortable-all-round chat that starts -- mmm, 'suce me, hope you don't mind..... Yeah, not good on your first day.

What I like to do is pick the most generic looking in the cupboard. I think this is the safest option. But then you also want a nice mug, not some shonky promotional gift. And it has to be the right size and the right shape (which is, of course, the most simple - any fancy curves or fadangles just make rigids where germs flourish and who knows who used the mug before you).

Is that wierd? Is that unreasonable? Does anyone else worry about that kind of stuff?



Oh, believe me, i have worried about that in the past. And a simple solution - whenever you get a new job, that week when you are doing your shopping, pick up a crappy $2 mug from Coles, and take it in with you on your first day. Then you need never worry.



No so easy when you are temping. Those $2 coffee mugs add up when you start a new job every month.

I was thinking of getting a cheap tote bag and having it as my "temping" bag - so I could land at each new job and have my coffee mug, water bottle, snacks, family photos.... all the work place essentials.

Oh except stuffed animals for the computer...i hate that shit.



The last place I worked in had 'guest' mugs, which I used right up until about four weeks before I left. At my new job, I brought one in from home on Day 1, because I wanted to make sure that I'd leaving there (it's a Murphy's Law thing) i.e. that my pregnancy would go well and I'd have to take maternity leave.


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