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::22.2.05:: Work

Today I walked out of my job. I walked out while some woman ranted at me about my "slyness" and "laziness". She wasn't my boss or in any position of authority. She'd just decided I spent too much time sending emails. So I picked up my handbag and walked out the door.

I was thinking of having a smoke and coffee and calming down but hey, I'd only had enough change in the morning to get a 2 hour train ticket and it was about to run out so I went home.

On the train, before we'd even left the city loop, my consultant from the temp agency called. They'd called her and told I'd had a "confrontation" with another staff member and that I spent all my time sending personal emails - a total of 48 in the month or more I'd been there. That number again - 48. Oh my lord, that's more than 1 a day.

They knew all about my personal emails because they'd printed them out and read them. They didn't want me back. Ok, I do know better than to call my place of employment a stink shithole in work emails (that should be a stinking sh1thole - had to get it past the profanity filter) but I didn't really care. They didn't want me back. Good thing really because I had no intention of going back.

I am annoyed about many things. For starters, no one has said that maybe, just maybe this woman should not go around having a go at people when it is none of her business. Apparently she has been watching me for a while - nice to know that she is so busy concentrating on her own work. Hey, it's not right to waste time sending personal emails but spending your day spying on other staff - that's a legitimate usage of work time.

Oh yeah, and every time she saw me working I was flicking between windows on my computer so therefore I must be doing something wrong. Even though the work I've been doing for the last week or so has involved the challenging and rewarding task of cutting shit out of word documents and pasting into their database. But that wouldn't require flicking between windows now, would it?

Secondly, my temp consultant was a complete cow about the whole thing. I have spoken to her twice about the work situation, asking her to find me another assignment. She was very unsympathetic. Then today she told me I should have discussed the situation with her. She also put all the blame on me and my "unprofessional" conduct. This is the second time I've had problems with her. You might recall an incident around Christmas time where I didn't get paid for weeks while they sorted shit out. At that time she tried to make me take responsiblity for a situation I'd advised her about also.

I get the feeling that she just can't be bothered acting on things I tell her, then they become issues and she tries to pass the buck.

Thirdly, they READ my personal emails. Now maybe they had a legal right to do that as I'd sent them from work but morally that is so dodgy. It makes me sick just to think about it.

Fourthly, 48 emails... how much work time would that actually waste. Even if I spent one minute on each one, it is only 48 minutes of work time. I will gladly let them dock the tuppence from the meagre amount they are paying me. And mostly it takes less than a minute to write a three word email.

Fifthly, prior to this I know people had been talking about me. Have you ever been a fourteen year old girl and had some spread rumours about you? Have you lived through that schoolgirl backstabbing stage where you know they're talking but you don't know what they're saying? Yeah, that is how this job has been for the last week or so. Not a lot of fun.

Sixthly, I almost took this site down today in case they find it through my internet history then I thought fuck them. I don't care if they read anything I have to say.

I never have to go back there ever again and even if that means living in my car off food scraps out of bins it would be better than setting foot inside that rat hole with that bunch of bitches.

So I went and had a lovely lunch with David and a relaxing day. Tomorrow I will call some new temp agencies, try to work out what to do about my time sheet from this job and mourn over the loss of my drink bottle that I left on my desk.



Jeez, what a 19th century view of employment they seem to have. If you were getting the job done, what does it matter if you took a few minutes out to send the occasional email?!



Makes me glad that I'm the IT person by default and therefore unlikely to get sprung... gotta love a small office (sometimes).
Best of luck finding new work.



what can I say - were there any positives? did you make any friends there? I guess the good thing and I admire you for it is you stand up for yourself, good onya you are no arse licker - I would have stayed around as long as possible, even if it was one more week to make that woman's life hell - I believe personal emails are fine as long as they are not defamatory to people you work with or they contain explicit attachments and your work gets done. That woman seems like a crusty dried out old bitch with way too much time on her hands.



There were NO positives. I hated the place. I felt sick every day as soon as I got there. It was hell. The work was tedious and extremely menial - I accept that menial work is a part of life especially when you are doing temp work - but half the time I felt like they were giving me menial work for the sake of it, that they enjoyed having someone they could use to do the shit.

For example, spending five minutes explaining to me the one line change to a letter that I had edit and print out! (and yes, it took them that long to explain things because they assumed everyone was as dumb as they were).

I guess I could have stayed and made her life hell but at the time the only thought in my head was that I didn't have take that shit.



Sounds like a totally crappy place to work in, and a totally crappy temp agency to be with.
You could do so much better.



oh, kathryn... i feel your pain. i used to work somewhere that sounds quite similar to the place that you walked out of. congratulate yourself though - you have removed yourself from a toxic environment. hang in there, and something better will come along soon enough... hey! we're unemployed together! yay for us :o)



well, get a hotmail account for the next job, then the only thing they can get you for is using hotmail.
But Jesus!
early on in my present job someone saw i had hotmail open at the start of s shift. in front of everyone else, he said loudly, "you're here to work, this is not an internet cafe".
i explained i open it at the beginning of a shift and leave it open.
came over later and apologised and acknowledged I worked just as hard as anyone else.
he was just pulling his weight. i've since seen him be similarly stupid to others who have been there longer and won't cop his shit.


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