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::19.3.05:: 5 random facts about me!

In which I am too lazy to think of anything real to say....

1. When I was at uni, I yearned to get my degree so I could put letters after my name. Since graduating, I've never actually done it... never written my name with the B.Bus. included. Phht - B. Bus. what a stupid name for a degree.

2. My mum won division 1 in tattslotto once. It was in a work syndicate and there were a lot of winners that week so she was never a millionaire or anything like but it was still exciting.

3. I once got my eyebrow pierced and, five minutes later, decided that facial piercings were really lame and passe.

4. The one and only time I've played my games obsessed son at Street Fighter I whipped his arse. Of course I was very sensitive to his feelings and did not gloat one little bit. Hahahahahahahah!!!!!!

5. When I was in Grade 5, I won first prize at a CWA cooking competition with a teacake.

There, don't you feel like you know just a little better.



Heh heh. I always thought it would be fun to put my degrees after my name too, but seeing as i am an idiot and bloody indecisive and now onto my third one it would be better just to put (Eternal Student) after it.



"B.Bus." - let me guess ... I know ... Batchelor of Bus Driving, no ... Batchelor of Bus Boying ... I got it Bathelor of Busybodying ... there is a Batchelor of Bust something or rather in there but I can't think of it - I have a B.A. a Batchelor of Attendance :)


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