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::28.3.05:: .... bye bye...

I'm tired of this.

I might be back later or maybe not.

Meanwhile read porn or keep up with my doings.




Yeah, really! Blogging sucks, and 99.99999% of all 'bloggers' are fucking scum who should die. Especially the ones who claim to be 'writers'. I hope they all die.

You have made a wise decision. Blogging is for shit.






Bye bye, Jazzyhands. Hope you come back.



but... no! come back! *insert other random half-finished aghast murmours*



I'm with the agast murmurings. I hope things get better for you personally, Kathryn, and that you'll return to blogging when they do.



Echo all the aghast bits and ignoring the gutless Anon bullshit. Hope everything turns out OK for you - and that we hear from you again.



Mr anon, as a therapist in psychiatric hospitals I've known some bad cases of personality disorder. Yours is among the worst.



Tee hee! Oh, R.H - you are a wag! One last battle before we kiss Jazzy Hands goodbye, eh?

We both know that you're not a 'therapist', you've never worked in 'psychiatric hospitals', and the only 'personality disorder' you have been involved in is your own.

Good lord, R.H! WHY won't you stop lying? What IS your problem?



Believe what you like.

Your battle is inside yourself: a distorted perception of other people.



Awww, don't try and pretend to be Sensei R.H, R.H. I don't have a distorted perception of anyone - what I do have, however, is the knowledge that you ain't no therapist, sweet cheeks. You know it, and I know it.

"As a therapist in psychiatric hospitals..."

Jesus, R.H - your insanity really does know no bounds, does it?



Sane people lie. Psychotics tend to be truthful.

I've no further comment.




I'll miss reading your blog Jazzyhands. I hope you come back.




I'm cursed. The moment I start reading a blog I like, it shuts down...

I'm just waiting for the rest of them to go the same way now.


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