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::26.3.05:: Car

I got my car going. Well the man from the RACV did. I thought I'd used up all my free call outs for this year but I rang them anyway and they said that this was my last one - woohoo!

So, he got it going but he said I absolutely needed a new battery. He wanted to sell me one for $130 but I spurned his overpriced batteries. When I am cashed up, I'll walk down to K Mart and buy one and carry it home, because I am all buff and muscular now and that's what Rocky would do. Rocky would probably have pushed the car home instead of calling the RACV though. Still.

The other good thing I discovered is the bus goes almost literally past my door then to my work. How convenient. Even if I get my car going, I might catch the bus. With petrol at $1,000,000 a litre and going up, I can't afford to drive any more. Yeah, Rocky would prolly jog to work. Maybe I'm not so much like Rocky, ok.



Rocky would jog home from KMArt, holding the battery over his head shouting "Adriaaaaaaaaan!". Doesn't mean buff chicky babaes should do it though. Glad the cars sorted. Makes it easier to cruise for toy boys.



How did it go with the full-time job? Did you get it?



I haven't heard about the job yet... hopefully after easter.

Cruising for toy boys is always good :)


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