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::2.3.05:: Grrr

Yet again, I haven't been paid by my agency. I rang them this morning and they are going to get someone to call me back. This is like the zillionth time something has stuffed up and I haven't been paid on time. It drives me insane - why should I have to ring and chase up my pay? They make me feel like I am asking them for a big favour or something.



Ms Hands (sounds German), I took about 45mins while having a bite to eat and read through most of your 2003 posts - talk about "the more things change the more they stay the same - let me illustrate (list not exhaustive) 1) quit job, hard to pay bills 2)men troubles (I apologise on behalf of all of us) 3)temp work problems 4)must re-start my book etc etc. You one funny gal!



Isn't there somewhere you can complain about this? About a dozen of us were sacked from a building site once without proper notice; we were underpaid. Someone rang the Department of Labour and Industry and it was fixed up immediately.



They have said they will pay me tomorrow so if they don't I will indeed take it higher. I need that money for pretty, shiny things.


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