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::23.3.05:: Highs and Lows

This morning, like most mornings, I wandered out to the mail box around 11.00 still in my pjs. There was only one letter, a nice change from the usual pile of bills. I opened it and didn't really understand that it was saying. I rang the rent tribunal for clarification. They told me there had been a hearing last week about my overdue rent and that now the owner had the right to evict me, ie. turn up on the doorstep with the police and boot me out then change the locks. I asked the girl what would happen to my stuff and she said I'd have to work that out with the landlord.

So, I locked the doors and turned out the lights and made 'not at home' type arrangements then typed up a fax to appeal the decision. That will buy me some time. Man, I should not have ignored those letters the landlord sent me. But, back then, I thought I'd be working by now and would be able to get it all cleared up. I never thought it would come to this.

After the panic wore off, I worked out a plan of action:

1. Appeal to buy myself some time.
2. Look for a new place to live. I need to do this anyway. The rent here is killing me.
3. Make arrangements with the landlord to pay off the rent arrears.

I think I can do it. I can get a bond loan because I'm not working and I can scab up enough money to move if I call in some favours.

Later this afternoon the phone rang. As I ran to answer it, I thought what is the best thing this phone call can be - my temp agency calling with work for me. And, wowsers, it was my temp agency with work for me. How scary but good. I'll get a day's work in before Easter and a day's pay next week. It's a month contract too so it might make a dent in the debts.

Anyway folks, I'm off to do some fun run thing this arvo. Lordy, yes. I told my friends I was doing the mother's day one and they suggested doing this one today... it's at the same place and I can compare my times.



Just flutter those big blue eyes at the landlord and talk to him in that honeyed voice of yours and you will be paying back what you owe at $1 a month for the next 400 years :)



At least if you end up live in a cardboard box, the weather over in Aussie is quite mild so you won't freeze to death;-)



FAWGH! How cruddy is that? But don't worry, when you leave you can simply come over and live at the Carlton Hotel! You get to share prime central accommodation with junkies, potheads, schizophrenics, prostitutes, gambling addicts, and the occasional drunk. It's an opportunity you can't afford to miss!


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