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::18.3.05:: I Have No Son....

Last night Andrew was doing whatever he does on the computer and I was waiting for him to finish so I could do my shit when he casually mentioned that he's going to a Comedy Festival show in 2 weeks time.

'Well you know what you are doing between now and then, don't you?' I asked.

'Wot?' he replied without turning around.

'Finding somewhere else to live.'

He swung around on the computer chair and gave me a look that was 75% bemusement and 25% pity and asked:

'Why do you hate comedy so much? Is it because you spent too much time around them went you worked on The Loft?'

I sobbed.

For those of you who don't know, which I'd guess would be ALL of you, The Loft was a show on Channel 31. For several years I worked on the crew. It was also the television birthplace of Rove McManus and his gang and other lesser local comedic identities. Yes, that isn't a typo. I did say LESSER. Aha.

'But you like Ben Stiller?' he asks and how could I deny it after watching Zoolander a zillion times.

'Do itttttt,' I replied.

'He used to do stand up.'

'Well I like him as an actor not as a stand up comedian.'

'The do ittttt guy was part of his stand up act.'

'Shut up and let me use the computer.'



funny you mention it - but the loft was always one of my favourite shows - yet I have never liked Rove - I will be corrected but I thought he and his cronies were great on that amatuerish show (great production though :)) they used to take the piss more and nothing was sacred - on commercial TV Rove is totally pissweak and the cross promotion is awful - but I suppose he has bills to pay like everyone else and he would be making slightly more on commercial than 31.


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