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::11.3.05:: Jazzyhands Guide To The Melbourne Comedy Festival

I noticed that Desci has up her guide to the Comedy Festival and decided to jump on the bandwagon and post my own guide.

1. Look at comedy festival programme

2. Remember that 99% of comedians because they are pompous, egomanical rodents who waffle endless about their "Art". Also remember that stand up comedy is contrived and usually rather boring, on the same level as plays and poetry readings.

3. Wonder if the true value of the Comedy Festival is that you can take out more comedians with less bullets.

4. Go back to sleep.



Hater :P

I do know what you mean, though. Which is why I put up the guide! There are SO many asshats in comedy. But the List is gold. xo



I would just go straight from 1 to 4 and skip 2 & 3 - do you think I could get an Asshat in my size 7 and three eigths?


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