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::1.3.05:: Meltdown

Still no job. I've been avoiding going into full meltdown mode by not thinking about the whole money thing or the 'I still owe rent for January' thing or any of the other bad things. I guess there is no point dwelling on that stuff anyway since I can't really do much about it.

Today I was busy-busy getting the next issue of Lustre up and running. I decided this morning, after much frustration and hair-wrenching, that I wanted to use some kind of content management system instead of doing everything manually. Manually is not my friend. I had checked out a few content management packages in the past and none of them met my needs. They were too complex and not really appropriate. So today I set up Word Press and chucked everything into that. Still some changes to be made but the bulk of the site is done, excluding archives.

Now I need a project for tomorrow. Oh yeah, maybe write my novel. Der.



"you still owe rent for january" man you are so laid back about it all - I hate having debts - I like the cut of your jib - but you knew that already - didn't ya?


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