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::8.3.05:: Work

I got a call from an employment agency today. They had a copy of resume and wanted to know what I'd been doing for the last couple of years. I told the guy and he asked why I hadn't put it on my resume. When I checked, it looked like I'd overwritten my current resume with an old version. Oops. Then I checked my sent mail and realised I'd sent this off to quite a few people.

I'm so glad that guy took the time to ring me. Now I know why I haven't been getting the responses I expected.

I'm such a dill pickle sometimes.



Hopefully now you will get a stunningly overpaid job that you love :)
And when you do, you can get me one.



in the words of HJS "DoH!!!"



Overpaid? Right now I'd be happy for just paid.



It could've been worse. You could've copied your cover letter off someone else's, and then forgotten to overwrite your friend's name with your own. I've done it.



Did your friend get the job?


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