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::24.3.05:: Work...

I'd forgotten how time consuming work is. Drat the thing. And today was the worst. Firstly, I got lost on the way to work. It looked easy in the Melways, straight up Geelong Road. Well I got almost to Hoopers Crossing then turned back, still couldn't find it. Eventually I realised that the road I needed didn't cross Geelong Road but went over it. D'oh.

Then I had to take an early lunch and drive to Tullamarine for an interview then race back to work. That was exhausting.

The good bit was that I got to knock off at 4.00.

When I got home I had a letter telling my appeal about my rent was on the 30th. Also the cops came with a letter saying we had to be out of here by the 30th. I rang the cops and they said to ring my real estate agent. So I called them and they said I could prolly set up some kind of payment plan to fix up the back rent. That still involves going to the court on Wednesday though. While all this was going on, I got a call about another interview for a different job. This one is a long term contract which could lead to permanent work and is good money.

Trouble is that means taking more time off my temp job which could get very annoying for them. I managed to time my interview so I can get from that to the court on Wednesday afternoon so I think I'll just take the whole afternoon off work. Not the best solution but the only one I can think of.

At least I'm not going to be living in my car in the immediate future.

After work, I was going to go to Tae Boxing class but I was so exhausted. My weight loss has come to a standstill and I think the main reason is my complete laziness. So I dragged my sorry arse to class despite my exhaustion. I'm glad I did even though my arms are about to drop off from a zillion evil push ups. I could actually see that I'd lost weight looking in the mirror during class, and the waistband on my skirt was definitely looser than it was last time I worked, but when I was on my hands and knees doing those situps Mr Gravity wasn't being kind, let me tell you. Oh well, I'll get there eventually. By my birthday in September, I'll be one hot chickie babe.



Hey, good luck for the long term contract job. See, by September, not only will you will be a hot chickie babe,you'll be one with money. Then go and pick up a hot toy boy and have heaps of wild sex and lose even more weight. I have it all planned for you.



I like your thinking :D


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