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::12.5.05:: Doom and Gloom

Do you ever feel like the whole world's against you? Well you would have to be excessively paranoid and delusional. See the world is too busy trying to get me to have time to worry about you, my friend.

I finally got my pay (the 2 weeks of pay that has to last me a month and went to the wrong bank account, yeah that pay) and paid lots of bills and things on net banking (from work because some damn arse wipe tried to hack my account when I used net banking at an internet cafe) and the good ole Comm bank fucked up my transactions (and the rest of Australia's, but hey, they aren't me and me is all I'm concerned with here) - so I went to use my account and it was OVERDRAWN. Bastards.

It is fixed up today but that does not extinguish the emotional damage caused. I am a very damaged creature at the moment, fragile and delicate. I don't need this shit. I really don't. But I'm also a trooper. Instead of curling up in bed and dying, I went to Pilates class. Well, to be honest, that kind of exercise isn't so good for me in some ways. It ended up being more like a Pilfartes class at my end.

Anyway, must go and see what other shit this world has to throw at me.



Hah - I remember doing a yoga class at school and accidentally letting off an enormous fart in the middle of a pose. I'm too genteel for that kind of thing now, of course.

And you should never, ever do your Internet banking at a public computer because of the great hacking possibilities.



Violet - You are not the only one who has let out an enermous, earth shattering fart during a yoga class. Never. Doing. Yoga. Again.

Also not the only one to discover a massively over-drawn account through internet banking...Very depressing indeed.



one time I was doing yoga and i let off a huge fart and the girl beside me packed up her mat and moved to the other side of the room. i turned to my friend and said... what was that about? It might have been loud but it wasn't stinky! Some people are just too precious.


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