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::19.5.05:: Fear

So I'd been planning to have cheap and meaningless sex with random strangers off the internet but when I stopped to think for a minute, I realised I couldn't. It wasn't morals that held me back or a longing for intimacy or any of those finer qualities. Nope. I looked deep in my heart and realised that I am afraid.

Totally and utterly afraid.

Like Rocky, in Rocky 3 after losing the championship fight with Clubber Lang, I can go through the motions but my heart isn't in it because I am afraid. I've lost the eye of the tiger. Even with my own personal Apollo Creed at my side, I've traded my passion for glory.

What to do? I don't have an Adrian to see me through this. I don't have the memory of my departed manager, Mickey. I just have me. Can I do this? Can I get back in the ring? Do I have the strength to regain the world heavy weight root rat title?



Well, since you started the metaphor: "What are ya, kid, a bum? I never trained no bums! Now I wantcha to get out there, and I wantcha to find some cute random tail to bring home with ya tonight! YA AIN'T A BUM, KID!" By the way, to save you some trouble I'd like to now formally volunteer to be one of your casual, random sex partners - and you only have to travel, oh, 9,000 miles to take me up on it, too.



Hell yes you can retain the title - and gain several more new ones!! And while you do I shall live my life vicariously through yours!!

The Rocky analogy was good, but somehow I can't imagine you yelling "Adriaaaaaaaaaaaaan!!". Unless it was in the throes of regaining your title and Adrian was some hot guy.



As David Bowie would sing "turn and face the strain", and what have you to lose by the journey itself, one thing, do the meet and greet first.



you're back!



Thanks Jason... the commute might kill the mood though :)

Daf... living vicariously through me? that is sad.


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