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::8.5.05:: Hello... is anybody out there....

A quick recap on my life over the past few jazzyhands-free months:

  • Car broke down
  • Got evicted from my house
  • Lost my job (on the same day)
  • Got car started
  • House hunting and nervous breakdown
  • Packed up house in most haphazard manner involving making rash decisions about items I would no longer need.
  • Car broke down... in Yarraville, filled with packing boxes
  • Moved stuff into storage space
  • Moved into friend's spare room
  • Got car going
  • Looked at assorted but freaky share houses
  • Found Andrew a place to live
  • Found me a place to live
  • Got a new job
  • Started new job and found out pays are monthly... yikes
  • Car broke down
  • Finally supposed to get paid but pay not in the bank.

I think that's about it. Also been writing, drinking, desiring shoes, not having internet, not having phone, not having telly.

So, how you'all been?



Oh you poor wee soul. At least you have a job and a home again though, and once you get your pay you'll be able to get your car fixed or replaces.



I can completly sympathise with your run of bad luck. I was made redundant and evicted on same day and various other things continued to spiral out of control...

I second the freaky sharehouse thing.



so sorry to hear of all your bad luck.

I keep popping in to see if you've changed your mind re the blog. Please come back. You'll have lots to write about now.




Christ in a bucket. What a horrible time you've had of it all. Glad things are (slowly, slowly) getting better for you, though.



Great to hear from you, K-oh. You're such a fucking trooper. xo xo


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