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::23.6.05:: Life in general

I don't have much to say at the moment, I am never online enough to spew my usual rantings on the page. You can't plan these things for a moment of net time in an internet cafe, you know. You have to move when the rage strikes.

I do have one golden moment to share with you, my reader (singular at that). On the tram the other night a family sat behind talking about their day in court... seems most of our legal system are overweight vaginas... when the mother turned to her son with these words...

You have your father's smile; that's how I know who he is.

Oh, public transport. You gotta love it.

Speaking of which, my car is going now. Woohoo! I love the mobility. Mobility rocks. Petrol prices, however, don't.


I dunno if I've mentioned this before, but I hate monthly pays. Monthly pays were invented by Satan to torture us all. A month is too, too long to budget for especially when you have many financial commitments. So this weekend will be spent hibernating or freeloading I feel. Next week, I shop.

How frigging cold is it? I think the first thing I'm going to buy when I get paid is a big assed heater. I love heaters.

So, that's my life. Work is slow but steady.. steadily boring me to tears that is. But it pays. I still don't have a telly so I'm missing the intellectual stimulation that is Big Brother but I'm going to the gym regular-like. All the staff know my name! Who'd have guess, huh?
So, readerly folk, that's it until next time. Oh yeah. The second thing I'm going to spend my hard earned cash on, after the big assed heater, is getting the internet. Yep, more regular Jazzyhands updates - it will be like Metamucal for the soul.



There is a theory that newborns always look like their fathers (at least to start with) so that dad knows it's his.



You have more that one reader. I really enjoy your page. I am in the U.S. Texas to be exact, and I read your posts with an Aussie accent in mind. P.S. I have read most of your earlier posts. Just found you about a month ago. I was looking for something to read, and clicked on Chemicals in my profile, and I was fortunate enough to find your blog. Big Brother doesn't start here until July 7th.
Thanks for posting
By the way, if you are bored, mine is www.berrymanblog.blogspot.com
Love to hear from you



Ah, you must've been on the 86 tram. Or one of the ones that stops at the Elizabeth Street Depot.

If not... then dear god, it's spreading...



Hey Jim, I'd forgetten that I'd put Chemicals as one of my interests... I crack me up sometimes. Thanks for reading, I heart my readers (mostly).

Yep Desci, got it in one. The good old 86 line.`



Ah, the good ole monthly pay. You live like Royalty for a week and a pauper for three ......


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