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::18.6.05:: Mobility

My car is fixed. Hoorah! I have wheels. I can drive all night listening to bad country music. I am free.

It is kinda embarassing when the mechanic has to clean your car. Even more embarassing when he tells you that you left a cigarette burning in the ashtray and the guys refused to work on your car until the smoke died down. Most embarassing of all is remembering that the handcuffs your friend gave you as a gag are still in the back of the car.

If my life was a porno, the mechanic would have been hot and he would have been leaning on the doorframe swinging the cuffs in his hands when i went to pick up my car but, alas, my life is reality and mechanic was kinda gross.



Plus he probably had car grease in his fingernails.

But that's what fantasies are for, right?


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