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::30.7.05:: Characters

Have you ever read a book that has a character in it that you know is played by Hugh Grant in the movie? And as you are reading the book, you don't see the character as the character but as Hugh Grant? Kind of weird, isn't it.

I was thinking about this, see Hugh Grant isn't the kind of actor that is known for the diversity of his acting roles. There is a "Hugh Grant" character, much in the same way there is certain font that seems to be used in the title for most of his movies (my sister and I call it Times Hugh Roman because we are extremely witty).

People aren't just writing books with characters that just happen to suit Hugh Grant. No way. They are writing books and all the time thinking to themselves, this is the Hugh Grant character. I know this because I'm a writer and I'm writing a book and in my head I'm thinking this is the Hugh Grant character - kind of charming but rakish and untrustworthy.

On a similar note, the new Harry Potter - I don't know if you read it but to me the characters seem to be more in line with the movie characters. It must be weird writing something when you have already seen the interpretation of your characters by two different movie directors. It's got to influence what you write.



You brought up a really good point about the post-movie Harry Potter books. I know that my own mental view of the book characters end up falling in line with how they are in the movie, so surely the writer (assuming she's seen the movies) can't help but be influenced too.



Is it wrong that I find 'Times Hugh Roman' to be THE funniest thing I've heard all week? Seriously, that's gold.



No Desci. That is right and proper.



I actually love me some Hugh Grant. Not too much, just a bit every so often so he doesn't become too boring.
Times Hugh Roman - love it :)


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