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::6.7.05:: Confession

There's something I have to confess. Please don't hate me for it. See, unlike the rest of the universe, I don't give a shit about Angelina Jolie. That's right. Couldn't give a rat's arse. About her or Brad Pitt or even Jennifer Aniston or whatever that bimbo from Friends' name is. If they disappeared off this planet, I wouldn't even notice except that someone else's mug would be on the cover of the magazines as I walk past the news stands.

You know if Angelina Jolie invited me to her birthday, I probably wouldn't even go. Unless there was free booze. But I wouldn't buy her a present. And if it was cold and rainy, I probably would just stay at home with a good book.

Wanna know something else. I don't care about Big Brother either.

You do still like me, don't you?



I hate Big Brother with a passion. Which I spose, is caring too much that it's utter crap TV featuring trashy brainless people - hang on - that's most TV shows...



My dear K-oh, it makes me love you even more. xo



I hear ya loud and clear.........
every magazine, fark know one cares!! but hey put keanu reeves on the front or christian bale now thats eye candy....

Still think youre pretty cool and oh bb!! am so over it.



I always enjoyed Tom DiCillo's comment "Yes, I discovered Brad Pitt, and I regret it".



Even more so.

(Okay, I did mention the other week that I thought Angelina Jolie is rather easy on the eye however I really don't care who she is/wears/eats or does.)



You aren't alone...



BB. I don't understand why this is still going. It's boring. I don't care. They always run overtime into the few shows I want to watch, so you end up seeing some of this dross.



you are fucking hilarious. yeah, angelina jolie's a crack whore, but i'm kinda pleased that a bisexual femme fatale slut who adopts (steals/kidnaps?) thirdworld babies and is in many ways contra the vanilla, missionary-position-in-the-dark-on-saturday-night, apple cheeked babies, white picket fence aesthetic of jenifer U.S.A aniston, gets to publically bone brad (ayrian poster boy though he is). and yeah she's a home wrecker but she takes it in her stride...

fucken love your blog... its the only one i read. should i feel like a pervert creep? how do you feel, being the object of such anonymous voyeurism? i keep wanting to post comments but i'm scared to...



hey anon, I love anonymous voyeurism. comment your heart out.


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