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::21.7.05:: Share House Living

You know, this is the first time I've shared a place with people I don't know, not that my living circumstances are really like sharing. More living concurrently in the same space with people. I don't really have anything to do with them.

Anyway, I'd been getting really annoyed because someone has been leaving the kitchen in a pigsty. A real pigsty. Like chunks of meat all over the benches and dirty dishes chucked in the sink. That bugs me. I mean, why put your dirty dishes in the sink if you aren't going to wash them? It just means that I have to move them when I want to wash my stuff.

I thought it was the dude who lives in the house and have been giving him the evil eye but today he called me over for a private chat when I was putting out the rubbish and asked if I'd noticed the state of the kitchen. He's pissy about it too. We figured it was one of the other girls and we are pretty sure which one. But she's moving out soon so hopefully we will get someone relatively tidy.

Other things that bug me: people not replacing the toilet paper. I don't mind doing it but I shouldn't have to do it every time; people thumping around at night; other people having sex; people having a piss in the toilet at night and not flushing - I think they think the flushing will be annoying at night but it's not nearly as annoying as waking up to a toilet filled with someone else's stale piss.

Other than that, it's good. Especially now I have the internet. Still no telly but I don't miss it. If I need tv, I can watch it at the gym. I like Northcote and I love my gym and I love my room with it's bay window and ornate fireplace. It's starting to feel a little like home. Tonight after work, I walked in the door and thought "it's good to be home". That's a first. I must be putting down roots.



yuck - I can't understand people not flushing the toilet after they've used it.



When I was younger sharehousing was fun, better then couch surfing even, I only really had a long term sharehouse once and it was the best place I lived in (funnily enough, all Tasmanians)- in those days giant sink piles, pet rats that shit everywhere, bed hopping, drunken nights on the roof, were all good fun. But as I got older and tried many times to sharehouse it just didn't work. I had to admit it, I finally had some set ways.



Northcote, eh? See you on the goddamn 86 (or are you the 112 tram?)



Violet - it is totally gross!

Rupert - I think I've always been set in my ways.

Desci - yep, the good ole 86. The tram line of choice for junkies and freaks!


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