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::14.7.05:: The Tale of the Bad Pants

About a month or so ago, maybe 2 months, I can't remember, I was in Katies and I needed some work pants and they had some pants on sale for $18 and they weren't great pants, not even good pants but they were passable pants so I bought them cos any pants are better than no pants in winter.

The pants were too long, far too long. So I took them to the tailor shop near work and got them taken up. I didn't even think of the cost, it was just some plain hemming. So, $22 for hemming later, the pants aren't looking so cheap.

The pants have a big metal rectangle buckle that is supposed to go lengthways and never sits right. It digs into my belly when I'm seated, which is a considerable part of my work day. I get red belly marks from the pants. The buckle is not decorative but an intergal part of the stay-up-ability of the pants so I can't remove it.

I hadn't worn the bad pants for about 2 weeks but I wore them today. I had little else clean for work. The pants are now too big. Bad pants. They are the kind of pants that look dreadful too big. Sad and saggy, not cute and baggy.

So I have a pair of bad pants that cost me a total of $40 that I can't wear any more. They are truly bad pants. I might try to sell them on ebay so someone else can have bad pants.



You have to watch out for tailoring costs. That's why I have my own sewing machine.

I have bad shoes - shoes which I bought out of desperation so that I could attend a wedding without being completely dressed in black. They cost $300 and I only wore them once.



take 'em to the Bad Pants Shop, Brunswick. They only take Bad Pants. For every Bad Pant, they give a free Huff & Puff.



I too have bad pants from Katies in my wardrobe. If you find a buyer for your bad pants, give them my number.



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