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::8.8.05:: Blah

I went to Ikea. It was full of people with kids. This might not be a nice thing to say but I am sick of other people's kids. Like they are fine on an individual basis, when you go to visit a friend and their kids are polite or funny or cute but as a mass group, they are just annoying.

So I think that the people in charge of such things should declare a No Kids day once a week or even once a month. A day when people can go shopping without kids being around. How lovely. No screaming and wailing. No having to dawdle because some stupid woman with a pram is walking down the middle of a walkway making it impossible to get past her. No anklebitters running around irritating me with their presence. Ah, bliss.

Ikea was shite. Don't they do catalogues any more? I wanted a mat but the only large mats they had for under $500 were white. Who the fuck has a white mat? Not people with kids that's for sure. Or people with pets. Or people with shoes.



Any kind of people en masse are hard to take.

I wish we had Ikea in NZ, it sounds like a fun place buy home stuff.


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