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::17.8.05:: Ever Fallen In Love?

Have you ever fallen in love? In love at first sight? The first glance enough to know that this is forever? Except it isn't forever. It isn't even for now. Elusivenss just adds to the allure, but as the first glance turns to a second and the second to a sigh, you curse your foolish self for only seeing the shiny surface.

Yeah it happened to me. Recently.

They sat in the window of a retro clothes shop on High Street. The perfect pair of black shoes with a T-bar strap. In my size. I had to have them. In those shoes, I'd be at least 10, maybe 15 percent cooler. In those shoes, I'd get laid and be in the gang with the cool kids. In those shoes, I'd get offered free beer and finally understand why people like The Pixies.

But as is the case with your typical retro cool store, it was never open when I was around. Even for the whole week when I was off work sick. And no, I didn't chuck a sickie for the whole week just to buy shoes.

I'd walk past and gaze loving through the window, drool dripping from my chin. Then the next time they'd be gone. Those cheeky minxes. Toying with me. Knowing they had me hooked. Then they'd be back. Still the shop was never open when I was around.

So Sunday it finally happened. Sunday I got to hold them in my hand, caress their soft skin. But before I could make them mine, before I got sink my rock hard, blood-engorged foot inside the slinky softness of their skin, I realised they were a sham. Imitation leather. Not on my feet.

I sat them back on the shelf and walked back out onto the cold streets to look for a pair of shoes more worthy.



Gotta hate that hey!

Just stumbled across your blog. I like the way you write!



So you can't wear imitation leather even if they look fantastic?



No, I have very delicate feet - i can't wear anything but leather and even then I have problems.



very sad post. Life can be so disappointing, oui?



Retro sham no less! Same thing happened to me when I was living in Darlinghurst Sydney - every day, I'd walk past these pair of black and white two tones, this was ten years ago, I was nineteen, I knew no better. I never bought those shoes, still I think of them now, and it reminds me of Johnny Suede.


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