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::31.8.05:: Resolved?

Since this year is almost 3/4 over, I thought I'd revisit the resolutions I wrote at the beginning of the year and see how I was going:


Save 10% of my pay. Because I work as a temp I have realised that I need to save in order to have sick days and holidays. Sounds obvious really but I'm a bit thick about these things. Ideally I'd like to have about a month's salary set aside to tide me over. As if. I am still catching up on debts from Jan/Feb this year when I went through the Great Financial Disaster. Because I got further into debt, plus had to borrow from family and friends, sorting out that mess has been a greater priority. Must remember to save. 0/10

Get out of debt. Not so acheivable but necessary. Getting there. 6/10

Look for a permanent part time job that pays enough to support me. Not yet, still working on the two above. But my contract has been extended to the end of the year and I think once I've worked that out, I'll work on finding something part time. 0/10.

Find a cheaper place to live. Done. My current rent is almost half what I used to pay and includes bills. I am a champion on this one. This move was going to be a temporary thing but I'm settling in here. Not only is the price right but, apart from adjusting to communal living, I like the place. 10/10


Submit 12 stories. I've submitted some, but not really written any new stories. More a case of "here's one I prepared earlier". I haven't kept good records either because of being between computers for part of the year. Maybe I've submitted about 6. 5/10

Finish the first draft of my novel. Getting there. It's about 3/4 done. It's taking forever. But I'll have it done by the end of the year if it means typing my fingers off over the Xmas hols. 5/10


Lose 10 kgs. Big ticks. I've lost 18.4 kilos. Exceeded expections. 20/10.

Get blood sugar levels stable. Done. I have the bsl of a regular Joe. Now working on reducing medication. Woohoo! 10/10

That's it. A 56 out of a possible 80. That's damn fine. Maybe I'll make it up to 100% by the end of the year. If I win Tattslotto or get a sugar daddy or something.

I think this is the only year ever that I've gone back over a resolution list and been able to tick stuff off. See that weight loss - exceeded expectations. Every year I make the same list - lose weight, get out of debt, write stuff. Normally I would put "lose weight" without setting a specific goal. And I'd fail. I wouldn't even lose a single kilo (because technically that would be not failing). Setting your goals low works wonders for me. Maybe I should remember that for next year.



well done. I'm not game to make the same comparrison. Maybe a zero out of 100 for me.
I'm still fat, broke and unemployed. at least i live in paradise by the sea :-)



I seem not to make resolutions regarding things I want to do, rather I find myself in remorse about the things i don't want to repeat.



You did bloody well in the health resolutions, and everyone knows that your health is the most important thing.



I have to echo Violet's sentiments and offer a hearty "well done" as well.



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