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::5.8.05:: Sick

I've got the flu so I've taken to my bed. Well except for now when I garnered my strength to get online and tell the world I'm sick and thus get a flood of sympathy and well wishes (yeah, you, I'm talking to you). I also ventured out twice before. Once to get cigarettes (I know) and diet pepsi then again to get the cough lollies I forgot the first time.

Luckily I've got plenty of books to read. Just finished - Heathcliffe, Return to Wuthering Heights. Who could resist that on the library shelves. Man oh man. It was everything I was expecting.

The worst of being ill is that tomorrow I get paid for the first time in five long, miserable weeks. I wanted to go out and spend, spend, spend as you do when you get money unless you are one of those miserly saving folk. Now I'm not so sure that my will to shop is strong enough. I might just make it to JB to buy myself a telly and dvd player. And I need new pyjamas - my old ones all so big as to look like clown pants. Oh yeah, and I need food. And a pretty, party dress. Yikes.



'get a flood of sympathy and well wishes'

Can that 'sympathy' take the form of 'alcohol' and/or 'chocolate'? In any case, get well soon, Kathryn.



Ah you poor wee thing. Better wait till you're better so you can shop with all your senses fully functioning.


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