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::8.8.05:: Still Sick

The nose is dripping, the mouth is coated, the throat is tickly. I'm fed up with myself. Being sick gets real dull very quickly. I've got the window open, airing out my room because for some reason it reeks of cigarette smoke. Dunno how that happened since I'm not supposed to smoke in here. Oops. I wish I could air myself out, hang me out and get rid of the cobwebs.

I think I might take a health-inducing trip to Ikea. That would have many benefits, including Swedish Meatballs. I just checked their website and if I'd got my shit together earlier, I could have had a slap up breakfast for the whopping great sum of $2.50. Some other time maybe.

I love Ikea when it's quiet. During the week when the hordes of browsers with their ill mannered children are somewhere else. Where I can wander the display rooms imagining that I live in a place of simple Swedish elegance, with clever design and ingenious storage solutions. There is something peacegiving and zen-like about Ikea when it's quiet.

Ikea is to me what Tiffanys was to Holly Golighty. Yes, I think I'll go to Ikea.



It's funny you should mention Ikea, Unfurling, another Blogger, just took a girl on a date there.




Who, or what, is Holly Golightly?


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