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::11.8.05:: Still Still Sick

And I have not got quite enough sympathy. I didn't realise the flu could go for this long or be this bad. I have been going insane, in that limbo where I'm not sick enough to just sleep all day but too sick to do anything constructive. Normally when I'm ill I can at least use the time to write or catch up on other projects but at the moment I am lucky if I can sit at the computer for more than an hour. I have agonising pain in the back of my thighs and my eyes get all sore and burning. I'm a wreck, I tells ya.

Luckily I bought my handy little dvd player on the weekend. I have never had a dvd player of my very own before. It is weird going to buy or hire dvds knowing that I'm the only person going to be watching them. Woohoo for not having to take other people's tastes into account.

Hey, I just realised... I can hire/buy/borrow/steal movies with EXPLICIT SEX scenes in them without worrying that my son is going to walk through the room while I'm watching them. Bring on the porn. But not now, when I'm feeling better.

So this is what I have watched so far this illness: (* = I own them)

Season 1 Buffy*
Hotel New Hampshire*
Rocky 3 *
Donnie Darko *
(that is all the dvds in my miserly collection - apart from Starsky & Hutch which my sister got in Bali and won't play on my dvd player and Zoolander that I can't stand thought of watching again)
Season 1 Northern Exposure
Puberty Blues (my all time favourite Australian movie and if you don't like it you can shut up, ya fish-face moll)
The Royal Tennenbaums

That's it. I thought it was more. I am now going to watch season 2 of Northern Exposure while snuggling up to my hot water bottle.

Oh and does anyone know a good place to get rugs (that's Rugs, no "d")? I have wooden floor boards have realised over the last couple of days that they have huge gaps between them, esp near the computer. It is ever so drafty.



I was just saying last night how much I loved "Northern Exposure" when it was on. I went into mourning when the series ended....
Get some garlic and horseradish into yourself woman. And chicken soup. Lots of chicken soup.
Hope you feel better soon.

Bella Ozfemme

Blogger tells you to choose an identity and then won't post the comment when you do. Blogger sucks.



i hope you get better soon, you crazy blogger-diva (meant with utmost respect & love - hell, it was a compliment!). i have just come home from a work-ish do, and have endured weak crack-on attempts by two men. they were amusing, don't get me wrong - i enjoy the novelty of being cracked-on-to these days. anyway, enough about me. a steaming lakhsa will get rid of the sniffles. and i also loved northern exposure... i advise the borrowing and watching of 'under the tuscan sun'.
it is cheesy, but visually pretty good, and (i feel) the perfect recovery chick-flick choice. i apologise in advance if it turns out to be too cheesy for you, but all a girl can do is try.
ok. i should go now and leave your blog alone...


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