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::24.8.05:: Things that perplex me:

1. Giftware: How does something exist solely to be a gift? That makes my brain hurt. What is the point of a gift that's primary purpose is in being a gift? Surely that makes it redundant once it's been given? Like giving someone a pre-stratched scratchie? The only thing you can do with it is give it to someone else as a gift who can give it to someone else. And that just perpetuates the cycle of stupidity and redundancy and makes everyone sad. Never purchase anything from a shop that sells giftware. Giftware is evil, I tells ya. Gifts should be good and useful things like booze and cigarettes.

2. People who, when catching trams to work and two trams come along concurrently (as they tend to), get on the first tram. This is most of Melbourne. It is much biazzre and I don't get it. Maybe people like crowded, smelly trams with no seats. Suits me fine, I just get on the second tram and have a whole seat to myself.

3. Where to buy a decent mat for my room without spending a shitload of cash. Your sensible suggestions most welcome.

4. Why my hairdresser couldn't copy a simple photo instead of reinterpreting it to her own liking. You would think the word "layers" would be very much in a hairdressers vocabulary. Any suggestions on hairdressers around Melbs also appreciated.

5. Brown. Why is it still in fashion? Why was it in fashion in the first place? Why was it ever teamed with pink? It isn't the new black, it's the new lime green. Go away brown, maybe to a forest or something, you tree-hugging hippy of a colour.

That is it for the moment, I think. Tackling these big issues has made me sleepy.



Word on the tram thing.

I love you.



Claire at Little Buddha on Smith Street is an awesome hairdresser!



If you're still looking for a mat, why not invite one of your crazy internet love-interests round to your house, then simply have them shot and skinned?

Speaking at large, I will say this of her:
She did not spare expense to make him nice.
Tanned on both sides and neatly edged with fur,
The job would have been cheap at any price.

And when, in winter, getting out of bed,
Her large soft feet pressed warmly on the skin,
The two glass eyes would sparkle in his head,
The jaws extend their papier-mache grin.

A.D. Hope



there some crazy rug sale in melbourne and geelong [i think] for up to 60% off. it sounded like it was only going to be last weekend but i saw the ad again tonight.

it's some dude looking really sorry for himself cause he's buisness is folding [or some shit] there was no address though? maybe keep a look out. but it's this sat and sun again....

hope that helps



any Op-shop in Brunswick or Camberwell will have great mats for really cheap



Fabio at Rhubarb on Lygon St is a great hairdresser. Plus, his name is Fabio! Although truth be told, he is not the most beautiful man in the Cosmos. Good hairdresser though. And I say this as someone whose hair is almost impossible to cut well, evidently.



You gotta have gift shops, or else there'd be no place to sell pretty but useless items.


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