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::12.9.05:: Happy Birthday to ME!

This year is shaping up to be my best 25th birthday ever. The Kathryn Birthday carnival started last Friday when I realised I'd lost 20 kilogram - an event planned for next Friday but who's complaining.

The festivities continued tonight with a special birthday hair colour, then tomorrow is the birthday leg waxing. Thursday is dinner with the family where I shall receive either a) receive my special birthday ipod or b) hurt them a lot.

Then Friday is the big day - I am celebrating by taking the day off. I'll start with a special birthday breakfast then a session at the gym. Next is a shiatsu, that's who massage then lunch with mum and my sister where I will either be a) glowingly grateful or b) sullen and miserable.

That night I will wine, dine and rock at Revolver with some of my favourite people.

Saturday is dinner and maybe, just maybe karaoke with my two sisters and mum.

That is mucho ME time yet not nearly enough.



HAPPY YOU DAY! Have fun at "Revolting" - ahhh, the many nights I've either picked or gotten stuck to the couches!



haaaaaaaaaaaaapy birthdaaaaaaaaaaay! :)



Hope you had a great party! Sorry I couldn't make it. And, now that I think of it, I don't think I let you know either way. Sorry about that too, most rude of me.



Happy Birthday!

xx LC



Happy 25th! Which one is it? ;-)



Hey Jazzy

I know this is a late comment but if youre bday is the 12th then we share a bday!

Happy belated




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