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::5.9.05:: Rejected

I had my Australia Council grant application returned today. I didn't meet the publishing credits part of the eligibility criteria, so I leafed through the returned application to see what had been disallowed.

Seems the Literary Board doesn't count fiction published in Playgirl.

So maybe it Playgirl isn't one of your more elitist literary journals but screw them. Playgirl pays in cold, hard cash and sends you a magazine with your story wedged between pictures of well hung men. Find me a literary journal that does that and I might become literary.



Oh, bugger. Better luck next time. Of course, this sort of thing bodes badly for the likes of me, as well. "Whaddaya mean, Best Lesbian Erotica doesn't count? It's got "best" in the title, dunnit?"

Conservative bastards!

Was this for your novel on the go? Incidentally, if you want someone (i.e., me) to cast an eye over it sometime, you need only ask.



I'm up for a free read as well.



It's worse having one's fortnightly arts grant rejected - I have that trouble with my CV, so what that my x-rated erect penis film has played fifteen film festivals worldwide, that doesn't count, as far as they are concerned I'm just gutter smut.



submit your playgirl article to QUANTUM - they print muck from Janet Albrechtson so they will be thrilled to receive some decent piece from you.



I won't volunteer to read it cos I'll just realised how fucked my own work is.

What sort of body calls itself 'the Australia Council' anyway? Sounds like something Phillip Adams would devise.



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