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::15.10.05:: Question

Last night I met up with friends to see a show called Clique (or something like that) at the Speigeltent. While we waited and waited and waited in the line to get in, I had a rant about stuff. Stuff mainly about the Ticketek office in the city and how they are only open from 9-5 so how the hell are you supposed to pick up your tickets after work... and how wants to schlep from one end of the city to the other in their lunch hour. Bastards.

So my friends asked for what was I picking up tickets.

The wrestling, I said. WWE.

And that was met with the usual response. Eye rolling and head shaking. And the obligatory... you do know it's all fake, don't you? They rehearse all that stuff beforehand.


So we get inside the speigeltent and the show starts. It wasn't quite what I was expecting. Last year we saw a show called, I think, the Burlesque Hour, which was mighty entertaining, and I expected something similar. But last night was far more straight circus/acrobatics with a few twists. You know something, acrobatics bore me senseless. Sure I can appreciate that these people are doing amazing with their bodies but it isn't entertainment. And sure, the finale - a dude in a bathtub, wearing nothing but a pair of jeans hoisting his extremely toned body around the stage - had appeal. I don't there were many dry seats in the tent for that performance, and not just from the water he was splashing around.

But mostly, as I watched the show, I thought - what's the difference? I felt like rolling my eyes and asking my friends - you do know it's all fake, don't you? They rehearse all that stuff beforehand.

Why does the mention of wrestling have everyone rolling their eyes while a bunch of dudes in tights swinging on ropes gets 'ohs' and 'ahs'? Is it because we are sitting in a fancy German tent sipping wine rather than the Rod Laver arena waving giant foam hands? It takes as much, if not more, skill to be a pro-wrestler than to twirl on a bit of rope. The show has as much theatrics, as much dramatics and far more chair breaking.

I don't pretend to understand culture. I'm a simple country girl. And that's why on the 29th of this month, Sugar Lips and I will not only be sitting in the stands, chanting abuse with the rest of the yokels, but we will be standing in that queue at JB for the afternoon waiting to meet our favourite wrestling stars.



good point, and well made! have fun at the wrestling :o)



Enjoy whatever you enjoy. Cultural snobs should not be tolerated. taste is a personal thing.


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