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::13.11.05:: Hello... is anyone there...

I hate people who don't update their blogs for ages then they post with a big apology, like the world is sitting in front of their screens pressing the refresh button, just waiting for them to update so no apologises from me. I realise the only people who are waiting for me to update are those comment spammers and I'm far too lazy to put verification on.

So here is a quick cheatsheet to ME:

Job: gone, done finished. Now I'm a writer. Yeah, you know what that means.

Weight: down.

Sex: yeah right, as if.

Hair: copper.

That's it. That's my life at the moment. Blah blah blah.



oh, kathrynoh - I've been sitting here with my finger on the refresh key waiting for weeks and weeks for your latest blog post...not really ;-)

Copper is a super-sexy hair colour.



Yes, most of my entries for the past few months have begun with an apology, so guilty as charged. Silly girl. Good to hear from you. My offer to read your Great Australian Dirty Novel still stands.

I miss Lustre.


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