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::24.11.05:: People are MoFos

Yesterday I applied for a job. This morning, I received an email from the agency saying "Unfortunately, based on the criteria set by our client, your application has not been successful." What the hell does that mean? The job involved simple Excel shit. I feel like ringing the agency and screaming down the phone -- "What part of Excel guru do you not understand? Mofos!"

I could do that job with one hand tied behind my back while reading extensive webpages,writing a novel and catching up on personal phone calls (hell that's how I do my best work).

Then I remembered that going to work might cut into my heavy spider solitaire playing schedule so I put the phone down.

Talking of mofos - you know how are total and utter arseholes who just have any protuding sexual organs removed? My neighbours! Not all of them, just the ones who think it is a good idea to have an all night party on a Wednesday. That is so not cool. If I had any idea which neighbours they were, I'd go do something mean to them.

In non-MoFo news: a comment by the lovely Aimee I remembered I used to run an online mag of steamy erotica, Lustre. I had a further heaping of guilt when I realised it is actually listed in the Australian Marketplace book. So I'm thinking of relaunching - bigger, better and differenter. The site will be up soon. Stay poised by your computer. By the way, if you have writing/editing experience or talent and are looking for an unpaid way to put those talents to use, let me know.



I may be partial to some editing in the next few months (but not once I start honours. Fucking caaahnts)



obviously you were over-qualified



Pfft. They're not worthy of you. Applying for jobs both sucks and blows.

As for editing, you have my address. I'm starting RMIT's Professional Writing and Editing course full time next year so who bloody knows how much free time I'll have, but you have my email address.



Please do not take the above comment as an example of my editing skills. Sheesh.

My excuse is that I'm tired, emotional, and hungry, and it's my birthday tomorrow and NO ONE CARES. I am indeed having a party - a pity party!


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