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::4.12.05:: Veil

More wedding dress shopping this weekend.... arrrrgh! I have hit the wall. They all look the same - white and frothy - after 5 hours it just made me want a capaccino.

The worst bit is sitting around waiting for them to pin and primp my friend into the frocks. For a while, I amused myself by trying to find the most inappropriate-for-a-bridal-shop music on my ipod.

That killed a few minutes but, two hundred and fifty three dresses later, the novelty wore off. So, left alone, I thought I'd try on a veil. It felt kinda dirty and wrong - like a nun trying on French knickers. I mean, we are talking about ME. The perpetually single, oldest of maid, trying on a wedding veil. But what do you do when you are left all alone on an uncomfortable bench seat in shop of wedding frockery and you've been through your entire ipod playlist?

You know what? It looked stunning. Of course, it shouldn't be such a surprise. Not many people in this world have the ability to look in headwear - just look at the stupid slappers going to the cup - but I have that gift. I really do. I look damn fantastic in hats and beanies and even wedding veils. So naturally I have a storage space full of hats I never wear. I've even informed the bride to be not to wear a tiara because I'll be wearing one to the reception.

It's just a pity there was no one there to see the historial veil moment. Damn it. I coulda taken a pic with my phone! Because even if, miracle of miracles, I met Mr Not Too Fussy, I don't think I'll wear a veil when we declare our commitment to each other in front of Elvis at the Vegas Chapel O' Love. And I definitely won't be shopping for a white, shiny dress.



yes, you should've taken a picture. I look okay in hats, but suffer terribly from hat hair afterwards.


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