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::30.1.06:: Big Day Out

I went. It was big. I wrote about it on my diet blog. David wrote about it too - his is more entertaining cos he wrote about the bands and stuff, not just what he ate. We saw Desci, and she wrote about it too but she mainly saw shit bands.

Anyway this is a succinct summary: The Stooges were great, Rollins were great, Beast of Bourbon were great, Sleater Kinney were great. Everyone else sucked. Not enough people had abortions 16-20 years ago. Camera phones are the tools of Satan in the hands of the kiddies. I had the bestest t-shirt there.

Oh and I did not see one single kid who'd used spray on hair colour then went in the mosh and got all sweaty and had colour run all over him. The 90s must be over.



Git farked.



Believe it or not, my friend's friend was Iggy's personal photographer on his tour. Didn't do me any good though!


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