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::29.1.06:: Housemate Update

Well I solved one of the housemate issues - dunno if I mentioned this in my previous post but one of the guys in the house doesn't flush when he pees! How fucking gross is that? So they other day the dudes were all in the lounge watching cricket (yawn) and I walked in and told them to make sure they flush the toilet! Woohoo, it worked. No more waking up to the stench of stale pee.

But now I have another issue. They have no idea about washing dishes. Like one of the dudes is in his 50s and he can't wash up properly. They use luke warm water then leave their dishes to drain - that is so hygienic (and damn annoying too because it takes them days to put their shit away).

We all do our own dishes so it wouldn't worry me except I have to keep buying dish washing deterent. What he does is squirt the detergent directly onto his shit then runs it under the tap! Because running some water in the sink is too hard? Arrgh! And, to make it worse, he takes the top of the container so he uses even more. He uses enough detergent on one plate to wash up after a freaken' 10 course dinner party.

Then last night the French chick (who actually may not be French) had friends over at like 12.30 and they stood in the hallway talking. Someone knocked on my door, thinking it was her room, and it was this whore with bad, bad Tina Turner hair. Pretty fucking scary.

But as far as being a pyscho bitch, I've pretty much wimped out. I did, however, catch one of the housemate's friends filling up his bong in the kitchen! The owners are very anti-drugs so I have ammo in the fight.



they sound like housemates from hell. can you get rid of them and find some better ones?



Sigh. Having the same washing up troubles at my place. Half the time, they don't even use detergent, but when they do, it's half the fucking bottle. Then everything sits in the drying rack until someone else (by which I mean me) puts it away... at which point I realise how completely unclean most of it still is and wash everything again. Properly.

But I think my biggest gripe is that people don't rinse plates and cooking utensils after they use them. I don't mind dirty dishes sitting there a day or so if they've been rinsed, but when there is caked-on cornflakes and rice, it's so much harder to clean and so much more unhygienic to have sitting around.


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