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::15.3.06:: Music Survey Thingie...

A music question I have been pondering lately:

  • Is it wrong to love Shivers by the Boys Next Door after you turn 17?
  • I mean, really love like listen to more than once a day?

Your opinions please.

Note the amusing way I assume people still read my site. By the way, if you are sitting there thinking "didn't the Screaming Jets sing that song?" then don't read my site. That is wrong, wrong like people who think Celebrity Skin is the best Hole album when everyone knows that you say Pretty on the Inside is but really think it's Live Through This.

Oh, another question:

  • What song/s do you think I should sing at my friend's hen's night on Saturday? Keeping in mind what you can reasonably expect on a karaoke play list.

Note the amusing way I say song/s like there is some possiblity I might only sing one. I have been trying to convince my friends that karaoke is the japanese word for "Kathryn sings and everybody else listens". People think I joke when I say that. They will learn.



I still read it! And I think you should write more. You're funny.



What Martha said.



There's nothing like some Patsy Cline to happy up a wedding-related event!

I don't know. Some early Madonna? Cyndi Lauper? The only songs I have sung at karaoke are "Teenage Dirtbag," "Closer," and "Detachable Penis". Oh, and someone coerced me into duetting with them on "Total Eclipse of the Heart" when I was drunk.



I've been doing extensive research into the matter of "Shivers". I'm sure I know this song but I can't remember the tune so I can not catagorically say that as an ancient woman you should not be enjoying it :P
It used to be easier to find mp3's on the 'net :(
And obviously people are still reading... you just have to write more :D



Spot on re: Hole albums.

I was gonna suggest a slew of songs to sing, but then I thought youse cunts (you and dave)'ll just have more fodder for ridicule. So DEAL.

(Also, I've never done karaoke because I'm scared it'll result in me screaming the words to 'run to paradise' into a vomit-scented mike)



I should probably clarify my earlier comment re: drunkenness by admitting that all my karaoke experiences have occurred while drunk, and it was just particularly dire on that occasion.

Desci, I'm sure no one would hold "Run to Paradise" against you. Because they're all going to be doing the Spice Girls songs they swore they didn't know.



Well, I'd suggest "Hit me with your rhythm stick" - Ian Dury or "Baggy Trousers" by Madness, failing those two perhaps, "Doctorin The Tardis" by the Timelords or "Apeman" by the Kinks. Of course none of these you will find on a kareoke machine, and all of them rather daft suggestions.



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