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::17.4.06:: Karaoke

Omg... two posts in one day, that hasn't happened on here since 2003, but I realised I've left you all hanging waiting with bated breath (whatever that is, cos it sounds disgusting) to find out what I sang at the karaoke hen's night.

And, der, I've forgotten what the first song was. It will come back to me at some point. Like now. Yep, it was In The Ghetto. The best bit was, as my friend Tim pointed out when I got off stage, I didn't hit the right note once not even by accident. But I was the loudest.

Later, I did Stand By Your Man. The karaoke hostess (how do you get those kind of jobs? I think I'd make a swell karaoke hostess) kept turning down my mic. Since I'm of the 'when life gives you a a dilemma, make dilemonade' school of thought, I took that as a challenge. I was very 1995, very Courtney Love and all up, very fucking loud.

The rest of the night was total arse.

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