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::2.4.06:: Parental Responsibility

You know those survey thingos they have on msn? They have some question like - do you think the rich should pay more tax - yes/no - and you get to vote on it. Yeah, of course you do. Well the question the other was whether parents should be charged for their kids drinking, and this question got me thinking.

Really, I don't think they are going far enough. Parents should be fined for all the annoying crap their kids do. For example: if your kids buy a Ramones t-shirt or say, a Led Zepplin t-shirt or basically the t-shirt for any band that broke up before they were born and, even worse, they buy the t-shirt from some "fashion" shop at the local shopping centre like Jay Jays and they don't even listen to the band featured on the t-shirt. Your kids are wankers and YOU are responsible. You are raising a wanker. I don't think the death penalty is too strong.

If Andrew did that, I'd bash with a log of wood until he couldn't walk. And he'd thank me for it.

Or say your kid comes home from school and wants the latest Brittney Spears single or maybe Green Day or ... I've run out of ideas cos I never listen to that commercial radio shite. Do you buy it for them like some trained puppy? Because if you do, under the Kathryn system, you'd be looking at spending your the rest of your life doing community service.

I know Andrew doesn't have the best music taste in the world, one time I had to sit him down and explain to him that people in our family don't buy Alex Lloyd cds, but he tries and that's the main thing.

On the booze thing, I always tried to be responsible for his drinking.

True story: I was driving Andrew to his year 12 formal and asked him if he planned on drinking.

"No way," he says.

I pulled into the bottle shop and offered to buy him a hip flask bottle of Beam.

"But what if the teachers catch me?" he wailed. "I can't."

So I beat him around the head and told him he was a pussy. Then I threw him out of the car and made him walk the rest of the way. Okay, I didn't make him walk, but I did hit him. And, one day, he'll thank me for it.

Parental responsibility, there should be more of it.



Yeah, parental responsibility can sometimes be fun and sometimes a drag. ;)

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I like where you're going with this. Not just underrage drinking, though: underrage alcoholism: "I'm not leaving this room until that chivas is drained to the bottom! Go on, SKOLL! You're not going to bed until then!"

It's the only way they'll learn. I mean, my dad was a near teetotaller, and look how I ended up. Totally screwed up.


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