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::10.6.06:: Dress

Scary movie me

This is my very funky red polka dot dress. Check me out, I look like I'm out of some old B grade horror movie!

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You can see the full effect in this photo plus my pink flurry slippers. I think they are a great look together. I might go for this look more often.

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I just posted this pic cos I like it.
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This is the alternative dress for next Saturday night. I put it on layby today. You can't see it very well in the photo and the furry jacket doesn't come with it - that's an extra $190 that I can't imagine spending.



The dress and the shades are a very groovy combo. In the second photo, I can't really see the outfit except for the furry jacket. So I'd vote for the polka dots unless you decide to buy the jacket :-)



Love the red dress! However, I especially love that last pic - you look great! The furry jacket looks really good on you. Wish it were more affordable!


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