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::21.6.06:: Things That Shit Me #1

I've been neglecting this blog like it's a low grade STD or something and that's got to stop (well, technically it doesn't - it's my blog and not posting isn't going to kill me, unlike untreated syphllis). Anyway I've set myself a challenge - to write a post once a week about things that shit me. Easy peasy, lemon squeeze because there are many, many, many things in this world that shit me. The hardest part is deciding which one to write about.

Okay - you know what shits me? Web sites for clothes stores. Have you seen those things? Think about it, if you go to a web site looking at clothes, what do you want? You want to know what the store sells, how much it costs and what colours it comes in. Oh yeah, and sizing would be kinda nice too.

Do you get that? Ha. Ha ha ha. You know what you get -- some fancy arsed flash animated artsy crap that they paid Trendy McWeb-Designer a whole heap of bucks for. For example check out Cue - nice twirling 3D pics that overlap each other so I can't see the clothes properly. Or Portmans - more flash shite I have to wait around for.

Do these people even think about the person at the other end of their site? What they need to do is give me enough information so that I'm tempted to get my butt off my office chair and walk down to their shop in my lunch hour and try some on, maybe even buy it. You'd think that would be the goal of having a web site - to sell clothes, make them some money.

Unless you have the technology for me to upload a perfect 3D model of myself and be able to use that, online, to try on clothes without leaving my desk, I don't care about your technology. I don't care about your animated happy, smiling yong people. I don't care about any of it. Just show me the goddamn clothes.



Same thing could be said for the photos in a lot of fashion magazines.


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